Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wrecker tactical tomahawk in black. First look at new sheaths.

This one went out to a patient customer this past weekend.

18" overall length Wrecker model (pry spike) with a sharpened inner beard.  Black Durabake coating and Micarta with flared stainless steel flared tube rivets on 1/4" 4140 steel.

 He is one of the first customers to receive a sheath from me, something that delayed me starting to work on orders by probably at least a month while I built the tooling to make them and tried it out, working out the little tricks inherent in any process.

It's Kydex, bottom eject, ambidextrous, MOLLE compatible, jump ready, with multiple carry options.

This particular one was ordered with optional second retention strap, quick-detach double adjustable shoulder strap, and MOLLE locks.

Hope it serves him well, and I appreciate him sticking with me while I got everything off the ground.  :)

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  1. Nice design on the sheath..........looks like a ton of work went into it! Bill