Monday, December 2, 2013

Durabake coating on the tomahawks

Got this batch Durabaked today.

I need to build a better spraying setup, but I rigged this up as a temporary solution and it did all right.

Everyone in this batch wanted black, except one.

About to bake in the kiln.

Cooling off afterwards on the normalizing rack.

And the whole heat treatment setup.  Three phase kiln on the left used for tempering and baking on the finish, Evenheat used for hardening to the right of that, normalizing rack to the right of that, tomahawk quench oil in the black barrel, and canola oil for quenching bush swords in the square tube quench tank.

Tomorrow the plan is to get Micarta sheets sandblasted and cut up, and possibly shaped into slabs and on the 'hawks.

I also shot a little video showing durability in response to a handful of people who have asked me about if the top rivet hole on the short 'hawks is a weak spot.  The video is uploading and I'll post it when finished.

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