Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wood chopping with a Wrecker in Finnland

I had a customer in Finnland send me a link to a YouTube video he had posted cutting firewood (probably rowan, he says) with his 18" Wrecker.  I got his permission to post the video and his comments.  His 'hawk has the black oxide finish and tan TeroTuf handles.

Here's what he told me in his e-mail:

"I am very happy with Wrecker tomahawk. I did some testing last weekend. I find that tomahawk cuts very deep in soft wood. Handle is good and I didn´t feel any slippage from hand. Spike is very useful when splitting wood."

I found the use of the spike to split the wood particularly interesting.  It's not something that I have personally tried during my testing.  Good to see the spike being multi-functional.  :)

Not sure what all the white stuff on the ground is, though.  We don't have such things in San Antonio.  :D

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