Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Whew!  It's past 11:30 at night, and I have just now settled down at home after returning from the Blade Show.  I haven't stopped long enough to be able to catch up on e-mail since before I left, so I you sent me a message in the last few days and haven't heard back yet, give me a little while!

I had the most successful Blade Show so far, and needed about four more days to get around to see and talk with everyone I wanted to, much less see everyone I don't already know.  My loverly bride Allie always makes a trip better, and on a practical side was a great table monkey.  I wouldn't have had nearly as enjoyable a show just by myself, and I know I wouldn't have been as good at the world's largest shoe and purse convention as she was at the world's largest knife show.  :)

I'm hitting the road again tomorrow to go attend the Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains Texas with my brother and my friend.  Good literary discussion about sword-wielding barbarians, in the heat of early summer in central Texas, thirty miles from where I grew up.  I will endeavor to catch up some on e-mails before I come back home earl next week, and am about to hit a few critical ones before my eyes droop right now.

So, had a great show, glad to be back, excited and energized to get back in the shop.  And catch up on sleep as I go!

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