Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First mid-tech out the door!

The first mid-tech has left my shop!  This Little Rok went to a good customer who wanted to build his own Kydex sheath for it.  Good thing since I haven't gotten a chance to tweak on the sheath tooling yet (been working on forged stuff).

Here's a bad photo with me reflected in the oil on the blade:


And a better one that he took, with another essential tool:

And what he has to say about it:

"I believe this is the first mid-tech model to leave James' shop.  This is the "Little Rok" model and it's just an amazing EDC type blade .  In addition, it will no doubt will accompany me on many outdoor adventures. I can't speak highly enough of the craftsmanship and the comfy ergonomics.  This is my 4th tool from James and I couldn't be happier."

Always glad to have happy (and repeat!) customers.  :)  Hope it serves well.

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