Thursday, October 24, 2013

New heat treatment furnace

I got the last major piece of equipment that I needed for efficient tomahawk making delivered and set up today:  a 27" deep Evenheat heat treatment furnace!

After continued setbacks and disasters (some of which made loud BOOM!s) in trying to re-wire a ceramic kiln to use a digital controller, I threw in the towel and ordered the Evenheat.  It was delivered early this morning.  Rather than try to back the delivery truck up to my shop, we offloaded it into the back of my pickup.

About that time my buddy Tobin Nieto ( arrived and helped me unpack and set up everything.


Checking everything out.

These furnaces are intended to be used horizontally, but I am setting mine up vertically.  We laid down some large firebricks between the furnace and the cement slab first.

Rather than cut a hole in the brand new door, we removed it and replaced it with a kiln floor I had obtained.

We trimmed it, cut some slots to fit over the door hinge, and added a couple of carriage bolts to keep it from accidentally getting bumped off.  We had already cut a slit in the top to suspend the 'hawk blanks through.

And finally, a successful test-firing!  Woohoo!  Ready to roll!

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