Thursday, August 8, 2013

More work on trainers

Got further progress on the trainers today.  I started by lining up the pattern with a blank, C-clamping it, then drilling the holes.

Then I swapped for a countersink, set the depth stop on the drill press, and countersunk the holes, both sides.

After that, off to the router table.  This is the same 45 degree bevel bit I use on the handle slabs on the real tomahawks, and the thickness of the ABS is the same as the handle (tang and slabs together) on the finished 'hawks.

 It gets rather messy.  I usually use a shop vac to try to control the mess, but opted out for the pictures.

After the first side, I decided to go ahead and use the vacuum.

And there you go, one 18" hammer poll training tomahawk with padding anchor holes.

Get a shave and lose some weight, man!  :D

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